Downtown WPB locations support Little Smiles Toy Drive

Little Smiles Toy DriveAs a long time Board Member of Little Smiles, it is my absolute pleasure to include multiple downtown WPB businesses in this year’s toy drive!  Tis’ the season for collecting and distributing toys so you may see and/or hear of many organizations doing so… so why support the Little Smiles Toy Drive?  Little Smiles prides itself in being IMMEDIATE and LOCAL.  The toys and gift cards that will be collected between November 9th and December 20th will used locally in Palm Beach County and the rest of South Florida.  Whether it’s a family that we hear about from friends or an orphanage that contacts us directly… we keep it local and we deliver it personally.  Sure there is some red tape and we may break it every once in a while, but we’ll deal with that later, as long as, the kids are happy… we are doing our jobs.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it million times, DO SOME GOOD.  If you have the money, donate.  If you have the time, volunteer. If you have an idea or know of somebody that needs help, let us know.

The following downtown WPB businesses will have a donation box beginning November 9th.  Stop by with a new unwrapped toy and contact me directly if you would like a box at your business:  Tim Frater 561-722-761 or

The WPB Waterfront Visitor’s Center

Haute Yoga

One XI Salon

Logan Realty, Inc /

Ultima Fitness