Six Reasons You Won’t Regret Moving to South Florida

Life is hard. Compound the normal, everyday difficulties we all have to face with neverending winters, hectic lifestyles, and a very limited number of daylight hours and you might find it harder than you ever imagined to sit back and be able to really enjoy your daily life. The weather, which dictates many of our schedules, plays a huge role in this, along with general pace of life. As such, you may be able to change your life for the better by moving to a place that will afford you more control over these aspects. Moving to South Florida might be the solution to many of your problems. The sunny and warm climate enables you to do whatever you need to all year round without having to stop for months at a time while you wait for the snow to clear or the rains to stop. West Palm Beach is a great example of how Florida’s tropical speed of life lends to more relaxed people and a generally more comfortable atmosphere than you can find in most cities around the US. Still unconvinced that moving to South Florida is the best thing you can do for yourself? Check out these top six reasons we gathered for you:

moving to south florida

The weather can’t be beat.

Florida is known as the sunshine state because it does, indeed, get the most hours of sunlight out of any other state annually. This is great for your mood, your time, and getting almost anything done you can imagine. The only drawback to Florida’s incredible weather is that it is boiling hot in the summer – AC is a must even with the constant breeze coming off the water. If you can deal with the heat for a few months, Florida is the place to be.

The beaches are beautiful.

South Florida beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. West Palm Beach offers calm, warm, crystal clear water almost all year long. You can go for a refreshing swim or partake in one of many popular water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and jaunts on a jetski or motorboat. Whatever fun in the water you want to have, Florida can offer it.

There is no shortage of art and culture.

South Florida is home to millions of people coming from around the country and the world, bringing with them an exciting mix of culture and art. West Palm Beach has the Norton Museum of Art, home to pieces from artists like Picasso and Monet, in addition to the Armory Arts Center and the South Florida Science Museum for kids.

moving to south florida

Enjoy the endless nightlife.

You have a wide variety of nightlife options throughout South Florida, ranging from classy wine tastings to more energized club parties on the beach. Annual music festivals like Sunfest, Moonfest, and Ultrafest bring hundreds of thousands of people to the area every year, giving you the opportunity to find friends and entertainment no matter your tastes.

The shopping can’t be beat.

If you are a big fan of shopping, you will find yourself right at home in South Florida. Between CityPlace and Antique Row in West Palm Beach and Aventura and Sawgrass Malls a little further out, a shopper’s heart will have little left to desire. Just make sure you don’t max out your credit cards all in one day.

Play on an ever-growing number of golf courses.

If golf is your sport of choice, as it is for many Floridians, you will be more than satisfied by moving to West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. The great weather makes building and maintaining golf courses a cinch, with no shortage of sunny days for players to work on their game. With the less hectic lifestyle and array of golfing options, moving to Florida will improve your golf game in no time.


These are only six of the most popular reasons that moving to South Florida and especially areas like West Palm Beach can change your life for the better. Come check it out to see what we are talking about.